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This is a belated THANK YOU for speaking at our Leadership Summit on January 12th — you were fantastic! I think this was my 12th Directors’ “Retreat,” and each year I’ve dreaded the sometimes boring speakers selected by our past Presidents. This year I specifically wanted to  kick off the event with humor, coupled with some really educational and inspiring content. You were the perfect choice, an the post-summit evaluations I received were 100% favorable, actually “raving” in many instances. (But don’t let it go to your head!)

– Craig

Top of the day to you! Just a short note to let you know how much I enjoyed your leadership training last week here in Reno, NV. You have an amazing amount of energy and obviously enjoy your work. It had to be the BEST informational training program I have attended in many years. Thank you for being you!

– Frank B.

As a Realtor for over 20 years and attended many Top Motivational Speakers, Terry was the Top of them all. I have very little sense of humor and I could not stop laughing. This was a seminar to never forget. I have not stop telling fellow Realtors about Terry’s unique approach to life and and work… It was priceless.

– Suzette P.

Terry is out of this world! By far the most enthusiastic & entertaining educator I have seen in the real estate industry. Terry will have you laughing from the opening moments & begging for more as the class comes to an end. I will definitely seek you out for future educational opportunities anytime you are near.

– Tim H.

I have been to two of Terry’s seminars. They are packed with valuable information and if you unitize just one idea you cannot help but be better than you were before. Thank you Terry for sharing your wisdom, knowledge and encouraging words.

– JoAnne A.

Terry, what a delight it was to have you, once again, at the Long Island Board of Realtors 20th Anniversary Educational Conference. You truly are the “spoonful of sugar” that helps the medicine go down. My sides still hurt from laughing so hard while absorbing an extraordinary amount of necessary information in today’s real estate market. Thank you again for such a delightful experience. One last thing, your incredible generosity regarding the Coalition Against Domestic Violence will never be forgotten.

– Gail G.

Terry was recently invited by my employer, EXIT Homeplace Realty, to speak to our Agents. I am new to the business of Real Estate and am eager to read and gain any advice I can from those with experience. I had no idea I would walk away from Terry’s seminar so completely empowered. The most valuable tool I took with me is the necessity of keeping control of any situation. I now stay a few steps ahead of my clients in anticipation of their needs and come away with them thinking I spend 100% of my time thinking only of them. I was also spending (wasting) a lot of time trying to pattern myself after others and now see that my own personality and individuality is my greatest attribute to my career. Thank you, Terry, for those gifts.

– Jennifer R.

I had the best time at Terry’s seminar. I am a new agent and it really motivated me. I have never been to another seminar or class that was as good as Terry’s. It has helped me to stay positive and has given me a new take on marketing. I have learned that I can be myself and be great at what I do. I have tremendous respect for Terry and the work he does. Thank you so much Terry!

– April B.

I had the privilege of attending one of Terry’s seminars. I’ve attended numerous courses throughout my career, but none as thought provoking, interesting, ENTERTAINING or exciting as Terry’s. His energy is impressive, his jokes funny, his outlook positive and his knowledge vast. Just the few hours I spent with him energized and renewed my spirit! What an awesome opportunity and life-changing experience just to be in his presence. If I took just ONE thing from him, it’s to always keep in mind that humor is SO important on a daily basis. I’d forgotten that. I’ve been taking life way too seriously. Terry made me laugh until I literally had tears rolling down my face… I don’t remember the last time I felt that way… and WOW what a feeling. Thanks, Terry, for reminding me what life’s ALL about!! Oh, yeah, and thanks for the marketing tips too!!

– Susan W.

Terry was one of the most energetic and beneficial speakers I’ve heard in a long time. I’m sure no one left without at least a couple of resolutions of things to do!

– Vinda M.

Terry, Thank you so much for both outstanding seminars in Lafayette, Louisiana! In the past, I “may” have used one or two ideas from the speakers. From your seminars, I have already signed up for google news, printed reports from and field guides from, told two people “that wont work for me”, ordered a blackberry, visited & ordered Fatigued to Fantastic, checked on a hair analysis and deciding on which book to order first!! You are really “GREAT”!

– Paula B.

Terry Watson is walking, talking wealth of knowledge! Attending his classes has changed my outlook and my agents outlook at Real Estate. I have learned that I can fly further with a light heart than heavy luggage. Thanks Terry for being an inspiration to your fellow generation X!

– Amy G.

Terry is energetic, informative, and motivational. I would recomend him to anyone in the business, I attended two of his sessions and they were GREAT!

– Ralph N.

In my 18+ years of real estate, Terry Watson imparted more “useable” information of a critical nature than any other speaker I have heard.

– Landis B.

Libor Ecucational Conference – Terry Watson’s presentation was engaging and passionate throughout. His ability to motivate, inspire and encourage are endless through his energy and passion for the real estate business and life in general. I enjoyed and more importantly benefitted from his ideas, techniques and accessable resources that he shared. He’s so entertaining, He needs a Hollywood agent!! Are you listening Terry???

– Doreen S.

I was fortunate enough to enjoy a Terry Watson presentation today for our Allen Tate Spring Rally in Charlotte NC. He was absolutely and incredibly informative and funny! He was inspiring and motivating. I think any company, organization or group would be fortunate to have him come speak. Thanks Terry for a wonderfully entertaining and thought provoking presentation.

– Lisa F.

Listening to Terry is like a breath of fresh air! He is energetic and an absolutely amazing motivational speaker. I have heard many and I do mean many, speakers in my real estate career and I still haven’t found any to be as uplifting and enspiring as Terry, not to forget energetic! I left with a renewed energy and purpose than i had had before. I promise you won’t regret the time you spend in his seminars, it may well change your life. Thanks Terry for the wonderful inspiration! God Bless.

– Lynn P.

Terry is true to his teachings–he is a real “motor” in my life. Just being in the same room with him, energizes me and makes me want to be a positive influence. He is a vivid example of a New Normal, one that comes from a positive self-image and the conviction that he can do anything! If you take one class, you’ll want them all.

– Jan T.

Terry’s seminar at Eastern Panhandle WV was the most useful, the most informative and the most fun of all the seminars I have attended so far. He was the best. I recommend his seminar to every realtor. He is amazing! Note: I did not take a picture at the seminar but here is picture of one of my listing showing why we call our state wild and wonderful.

– Teksin D.

Having just taken Terry’s e-buyer class for my ABR designation, I was and am completely satisfied and delighted that RE/Max chose a bright articulate and Hilarious young man. His style leaves you with amazing information delivered with side splitting comedy. GREAT JOB Terry. I highly recommend your class.

– Robyn S.

Terry, I attended your meeting this AM in Rochester and I must say , more ideas gained in 2 hours than the previous 5 years. Thanks again.

– Art L.

Terry, my life will never be the same. You have taught me the importance of reducing the stress in my life and I will never carry that Monkey on my back again….Thank you.

– Garry B.

Thank you for an enlightening and FUN session at the recent WCR convention in San Francisco.Not only did I experience the always much appreciated “AHA`S” but your presentation helped me to try and keep things a little bit more on the lighter side ! Your advice has shaped up my presentations and will guide me through another successful year, hope to be able to see you again soon!

– Carole W.

Terry, Just went through your e-buyer class yesterday and I must say it is one of the most exciting classes of my life. I am so motivated about redoing all 4 of my websites. You have an extraordinary technique of making your presentation grow within a person. I am so grateful to have met you in person. I want thank you for placing an amber within me to give my real estate career the push I needed. Thank You Very kindly!

– Archie F.

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