Leadership and Customer Experience Expertise Like You’ve Never Heard Before

STOP wasting time on boring presentations that do nothing more than recap so-called “best practices” that have been around for years.

It’s time for something new. Something fresh. Something FUN.

See how Terry Watson delights and entertains audiences while delivering real-world value they can take to the bank.

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Terry Watson is the “AHA guy”, who makes people, companies and organizations large and small aware of the conscious and unconscious ways they sabotage their businesses and their lives.

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Terry’s unique and vibrant presentations are powerful, positive and results based. He teaches audiences how to improve relationships with both clients and consumers, close transactions more efficiently and work smarter, not harder.

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Terry provides ridiculously effective, easily implementable strategies… withOUT boring your audience to tears.

The last thing you want when you hire a speaker is to watch your investment wasted when your audience can’t even bother to pay attention.

That’s why instead of just boring lectures with the same old PowerPoint slides… it’s time to hire someone who will help your people get out of their own way while making them snort with laughter in the process.

It’s proven that humor improves retention. The science behind it has to do with dopamine – humor activates the dopamine reward system which stimulates goal-oriented motivation and long-term memory. In short: when your audience laughs… they learn.

Terry Watson brings appropriate humor and decades of expertise to his leadership and customer experience presentations. His vibrant presentations are powerful, positive, and results-based… and while your audience is laughing, they’ll learn how to improve relationships with clients, step into the leadership role you know they’re capable of, and work smarter… not harder.

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