Terry Watson, CSP

Inspiration & Customer Experience Expertise Like You’ve Never Heard Before

Inspiration & Customer Experience Expertise Like You’ve Never Heard Before

Trusted Brands Love Working with Terry Watson

HILARIOUS Motivational Keynote Speaker & Trainer 

Ridiculously Effective, Easily Implementable Strategies… WITHOUT Boring Your Audience to Tears

The last thing you want when you hire a speaker is to watch your investment wasted when your audience can't be bothered to pay attention.

That’s why instead of just boring lectures with the same old PowerPoint slides… it’s time to hire someone who will help your people get out of their own way while making them burst into laughter in the process.

Terry Watson brings clean humor and decades of expertise to his inspirational and customer experience presentations. His vibrant presentations are powerful, positive, funny and results-based… and while your audience is laughing, they will learn how to improve relationships with clients, step into the leadership role you know they are capable of and work smarter… not harder.

Terry Watson By the Numbers

Terry Watson By the Numbers

Customers served! 1 Years of Professional Speaking

Years of Professional Speaking

Customers served! 1 + Years of Professional Speaking

Countries Visited

Customers served! 1 + Years of Professional Speaking

Presentations Delivered

Customers served! 1 + Years of Professional Speaking

Lives Impacted

“I laughed so hard I got a 6-pack!”

Dr. Richard Doss, PHD

“I gained more ideas in 2 hours than the previous 5 years.”

Art Lettie, Associate Broker at Nothnagle realtors

Customer Experience Speaking Programs

Fresh, New Ideas & Entertaining Presentations that Keep Audiences Wanting More

Recharge, Refocus, Re-Engage

Overcome stress & burnout and improve your wellbeing

Feeling burnt out? Get ready to learn hilarious techniques for managing stress, avoiding burnout, and improving your overall well-being. This session is like a shot of espresso for your business, providing you with the tools to recharge your batteries, refocus on what's important, and re-engage with your business and personal life.

It's Not MY Monkey!™


Are you tired of being the go-to person for everyone else's problems? Does it feel like you're always stuck dealing with someone else's monkey business?

Don't let other people's monkeys swing in and steal your precious time and sanity – It's time to go bananas and learn how to say "It's Not My Monkey" with confidence. This session has been called life-changing by many, and it's time for you to join the monkey-free revolution. 

Evolve or Evaporate!™


Get ready to blast your customer service and profits to new heights with "Evolve or Evaporate!" – It's time to take your business and your projects to the stratosphere with time-tested, fail-proof strategies that will help you stand out from the competition (because let's face it, being ordinary is so last year).

This session is like a rocket ship mixed with a comedy club – buckle up and get ready for takeoff!

Hi, I'm Terry Watson.

It’s a proven fact that the use of humor improves the rate of motivation and retention. In short: when your audience laughs… they learn.

Unfortunately, there are far too many boring, cookie-cutter speakers who don’t help you make real, action-based change in your organization.

But there’s hope!

As a celebrated, experienced speaker with more than 20+ years teaching international audiences about leadership, customer experience, and how to work smart (not hard!) – I use humor to engage audiences, while delivering powerful, motivational, results-based presentations in a fun and exciting way.

So stop wasting time on boring presentations that do nothing more than recap so-called “best practices” that have been around for years.

Call me and find out how I can entertain your audience while delivering fresh, hilarious, real-world value they can take to the bank!