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Terry’s A/V Requirements

Terry’s Computer: MacBook Pro

Terry uses his own laptop (see image to see specs of the laptop) and it is critical that it’s located on-stage with him and not at the back or the side of the room with the audio/visual company or another individual and a “clicker.”

Terry’s presentation is packed with humor. In comedy, timing is everything. He uses tons of video clips and audio and the A/V company will not know his exact timing. Imagine what would happen if an A/V person flashed the Oscar winner on the screen while the nominees were still being announced. Not good.

The sponsor is responsible for providing the screen and the projection system for audiences over 200.

Please Provide the Following:

Please discuss any changes in the Room and A/V Set-Up below with us beforehand. We are flexible and very easy to work with.

Wireless Lavalier Mic

Terry never stands still – a wireless microphone assures you don’t miss a word he says!

Audio Video Line

AV Line: For a audio video hookup to projection unit.

Power Strip & Ext. Cord

Power Strip: To assure an extra outlet “just in case.” Extension Cord: Needed for Terry’s projector.

Audio Video Cart or Table

AV Cart: Stable, moveable base for projector.


Terry does not travel with a LCD projector, cables or cords. A LCD projector will definitely be required. Important: The projector must have a minimum on 5000 Lumens.


No recording (A/V taping, cell/smart phone, tablets, and/or computers) is allowed. Please make an announcement asking participants to refrain from recording any part of Terry’s presentation. As your participants will learn during the presentation, branding is important, and managing your branding/brand reputation is paramount.

Room Seating Configuration

When it comes to seating, the closer the better. It dramatically provides for better energy The seats at a comedy club are close for this very reason. Tables and chairs should be as tight and close as possible.

Sound Requirements

Wireless (TIE CLIP/LAV) microphone (See above for picture)

Mini-jack cable (image above) into the room sound system so that audio and video clips can play from Terry’s Keynote presentation.

Stage Area

If a podium is being used for introductions, set it back a few feet from the front of the stage, if possible, so Terry can walk in front of it.


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