Why be Normal!™

Do you need a little clarity? The difference between good and great often lies in subtle unconscious things we do to sabotage ourselves. Many times awareness is curative. In this high energy, informational, motivational session, Terry will explain and demonstrate the simple things you must do TODAY to be the person who you know you are. You will learn why you should never let perfect get in the way of better. Expect to laugh, expect to ponder, and expect to motivated, expect be moved!



The Yelp Effect (Pleasing The Empowered Customer)

You no longer have customers. You now have Bloggers, online reviewers, and potential Social Media Vigilantes. One bad experience or a perceived unhappy outcome can encourage an online review that will repel potential business like a 2 day old baby diaper. A customer with a Smartphone or an Internet connection has the ability to affect your bottom line. Ironically, most companies are doing little if anything preemptive regarding reputation management and taking charge of the customer experience. When is the best time to handle a problem? Before you have one… Learn the simple things that have an enormous impact on customer satisfaction in a laugh out loud way.

Getting into DNA of Generation X & Y; Your Most Beloved “ I want it now” , I am the exception to the rule” Customer

Generation X and Y have rewritten the rules on Customer Service and customer retention. We have an exaggerated time differential (seconds feel like hours), we  are the generations that single handedly killed the suit and tie in the workplace and blurred the lines from dress casual to weekend wear. We travel in packs of three, question authority and live online. Terry Watson, a card carrying Gen X’er will give you the secret handshake stuff that will convert this group into happy fans with big mouths.