Give Your Association Members the “AHA” They Need To Get Out Of Their Own Way Grow Their Businesses

Essential Leadership and Customer Experience Training With Terry Watson

Your association members are craving something different. They’re craving presentations and training that won’t bore them, make them wish they were anywhere else, or leave them feeling like they just sat through yet another “best practices” seminar with no real value. Enter Terry Watson – the funniest, most engaging leadership and customer experience speaker in the industry. He’s been speaking to audiences for over 20+ years… and each time, he’s wowed the crowd with fresh, new ideas and entertaining presentations that keep them hooked and wanting more.

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I Got This™

Your clients are looking for more than just a good service experience… they’re searching for true expertise that will help them through the entire process of buying or selling a home. It’s not enough to just be good at your job – you have to present yourself as a TRUE expert in order to win the business of today’s consumer.

In this presentation, Terry will show you not only how to develop your expertise, but to showcase it in a way that generates trust from the marketplace.

The Yelp Effect: Pleasing The Empowered Customer™

You no longer have just clients. You now have Bloggers, online reviewers, and potential Social Media Vigilantes. One bad experience or a perceived unhappy outcome can encourage an online review that will repel potential business like a 2 day old baby diaper. A customer with a Smartphone or an Internet connection has the ability to actually affect your bottom line. Ironically, though, most agents aren’t handling a problem at the right stage: Before a problem happens.

In this presentation, Terry will show you how the simple things have an enormous impact on customer satisfaction – as well as how to set reasonable expectations for your client so they never feel surprised when something doesn’t go according to plan.

Easify 101™

When you’re the expert in your business, it’s easy to forget that your customer doesn’t understand the processes that happen every single day. Because of this, it’s easy to leave your customer in the dark with the assumption that they know what’s happening behind the scenes. And even easier to be surprised when they’re frustrated, unhappy, or ready to stop working with you because they just want things explained to them.

In this presentation, Terry will show you how to not only design your processes for transparency, but how to communicate with your customer at every step so they always know what to expect.

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Lessons in Leadership: The Right Way To Run a Realtor® Association

In this highly customized presentation, Terry will work with you to develop a list of your common problems or challenges… and then show your association leaders how to overcome them. Some common themes are:

  • Social media – how to use it the right way to benefit of the association and its members… PLUS how social media is a valuable tool for engagement and recruitment for your association…
  • How to clearly define the duties of each person inside the association… and how to work together as a team, rather than against each other…
  • The importance of confidentiality in the boardroom… PLUS the right and wrong way to approach the entire voting process (this alone is a cornerstone of true integrity in leadership!)…
  • How to lead through inspiration instead of dictation (and why the difference matters if stuff gets done either way)…

Whether the above themes are challenges you’re currently facing, or you have a set of challenges that isn’t listed here – Terry can work with you to create a specialized Lessons in Leadership program just for you and your association.

Avoiding Leadership Roadkill™: The Broker Leadership Training

Your Broker members will LOVE this fresh take on leadership training that not only gets them involved, but entertains them as well! In this highly customizable presentation, Terry will cover topics like:

  • The most powerful secret that mobilizes Generation Y & X (your hidden assets) and actually get them engaged
  • What the top 1% of offices in the world DO and what the absolutely don’t DO! Ironically, what they don’t do is actually more important than what they do!
  • The single biggest reason agents change offices (and how to prevent it)… plus insight into what agents REALLY want from their real estate office…
  • Energy hacks that explode your potential and reduce your stress while helping you be a more effective leader.
  • And much, much more!

No matter what leadership qualities your Brokers are anxious to discover… Terry can deliver them in an entertaining, laugh-out-loud kind of way that will have them remembering the lessons for years to come.

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