Discover Ongoing Coaching That Will Take Your Organization Precisely Where You Want It To Go

With customized leadership and customer experience programs from Terry Watson

When you’re struggling to improve the customer experience in your business… when you’re fighting to improve your leaders but you aren’t sure where to start… that’s when it’s time to call in the expert. Sure, you can head to a seminar or a workshop and try to get the answers to implement yourself… but sometimes, a single presentation just isn’t enough.

That’s why Terry Watson, a leading speaker for the last 20+ years, has opened up his calendar for limited coaching engagements. He will work with selected businesses on an ongoing basis – delivering training as well as accountability and support so you get the exact help you need to drive the changes you want to see.


Avoiding Leadership Roadkill™

New, emerging, and existing leaders in your organization are destined for one of two things: to rise to the top and be the leader you know (and hope) they can be… or get run over in the process, leaving you wondering just what went wrong.

With this program, Terry will work hand-in-hand with your new, emerging, or existing leadership to help them develop the hard and soft skills they’ll need to step into their own.

He’ll work with your team on skills like:

  • How to work with the employees or members of your organization to retain your top talent (including understanding the reasons people leave for “greener pastures” and how to prevent that happening to you!)
  • The most powerful way to engage and fire-up Gen X and Y – your biggest assets – this one rule NEEDS to be followed if you want these generations to participate in anything
  • How to reduce stress, increase energy, and improve effectiveness… this starts inside each individual, NOT with the workload or environment.
  • The best way to communicate with anyone on the team to improve morale and increase productivity
  • And much more!

This is a highly customizable coaching program, designed around your organization’s specific needs. Terry will work with you to create the program you need to solve the problems you’re facing right now.


I Got This™: Being the Expert the Yelp Consumer Needs

Your customers and clients require two things to be happy: an exceptional experience and an expert they can trust. With this program, Terry will help you understand what your customers are looking for – and then, he’ll help you implement processes to make sure you deliver.

He’ll work with you on:

  • Establishing transparency in your behind-the-scenes processes so your customer always feels informed, involved, and appreciated…
  • How to identify and manage problems BEFORE they become problems (this is essential to keeping your customers happy long-term)…
  • Simple ways to delight your clients and customers so they can’t help but be a raving fan…
  • How to determine quickly and easily what kind of communication your customer expects and appreciates… plus how to deliver this communication without driving yourself (or your client!) crazy…
  • How to establish yourself as the expert in your field and use that expertise to garner trust and respect from your potential clients and customers…
  • And much, much more!

This highly customizable program is designed around you and your specific needs. Terry will work with you to create a program that solves real problems you’re facing so you can focus on being the expert you are while delighting your customers over and over again.

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