Reasons Not to Hire Terry

Here are a list of reasons you should consider not hiring me to speak at your next event:


number1You are looking for a prima donna.



number2You want someone hawking their wares at every opportunity.



number3You want your participants to get a 90-minute power nap.



number4You want your participants to just attend a rah rah session and not take away anything they can use immediately to improve their business practices.




You are looking for someone that is extremely high-maintenance, that will need to speak to you every day from the time you reserve your date until the day of the event, and needs to have their hand held through every step of the way.


number6You need a speaker that you can not get in touch with to confirm dates, needs (A/V and room set-up, etc.), speaking topics, still breathing :-), etc.



number7You are looking for someone who is absolutely, mind-numbingly boring with no audience interaction, who delivers lots of high rah-rah with no content.



number8You want a speaker who’s entire presentation is a sales pitch for their products.



number9You are looking for a speaker that will give you undue stress by showing up late, if at all.



number10You want someone who is an adrenaline junkie, who always takes the last flight out or flies in the day of the event, keeping you on pins and needles.